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Why should I use an Estate Sale Company and what should I know?

Whether you are downsizing or a loved one has pasted, a licensed and insured Estate Sale Company can save you money, time and aggravation.   Estate sale companies have experience in setting up and pricing items at fair value.  Furniture, art, collectables and even house hold items have fashion trends.   Remember when Bread makers and past makers were the hot item?  Do you know what is now?  Exactly, in 2010 it was Keurig coffee makers, but after a major recall they are hard to sell or less they were made after 2013.  In 2014 and 2015 Kitchenaid’s are brining top dollar and the older the more they bring!   Estate sale companies follow these trends weekly; there are also a number of websites that are used by Appraisers and those estate companies that are more technology literate.  Many of the sites are yearly subscriptions and will ensure that pricing is at the most current value.  Yes EBay is a good start but show a someone multiple points of valued pricing and you will get the asking price.

Presenting and displaying your items are equally as important.   We take every item out of its storage, price and display them on navy blue clothed tables.  Furniture is moved for ease of customer viewing and walking.   If needed we bring in sturdy shelving for displaying items, rather than using furniture being sold to ensure the furniture is also shown at its best.

Ask if the companies you are interviewing if they accept Credit Cards and Local Checks.   You know our biggest buys are done as opportunity and are typically larger purchases when the buyer can charge or write a check.  Estate companies that only accept cash limit their sales by giving buyers the opportunity to think twice about wanting or needing and the hassle of having to find a bank machine.  Letting customer leave is the same as losing a sale, its basic Sales 101 and it applies no matter what or where you are selling.  If the company does accept other methods of payment, then make sure they are taking the responsibility for guaranteeing the payment.  Our team is trained to take the correct information and check ID’s so we guarantee all credit cards sales and checks, we exchange these types of payments with cash so that the estate can be paid without waiting for credit or check clearance.

Does the estate sale company collect sales tax?  Did you know that if the estate company representing you does not collect sales tax, then you must report the tax under:

Florida Administration Code #12A-1.037.7

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