June 2014 Port St. John

Retired from an antique business, we had so many items left in storage.  Teresa and her sons came in and cleaned out every storage area and polished the furniture to look new again.   She placed adds in all the major cities on Estate Sales.net and hundreds of people showed and purchased.   They sold enough to consolidate the balance of the inventory to a spare room.

What a relief,


July 2014  Cocoa Beach

Teresa and her team came in with little notice and set-up the sale right before a holiday.  They cleaned and washed everything!   It was beautiful and my mother would have been proud.   After the sale she cleaned the house and we put it up for sale a day later.   The house sold for top dollar in 3-days!

We couldn’t have done it without her.


Sept 2014

We lived out of state and a relative still lived in the home.   Teresa and her team set-up the sale and even helped us advertise the selling of the house.   By the end of the sale we had an offer on the house and twice as much money for the items than we had expected.  Even the family member living in the home was happy.    They cleaned the home out as part of their fee, very reasonable.



Nov 2014

My parents died a few years prior to the sale and I just couldn’t get motivated to try and sell off everything in their home.  Teresa and her team came in and helped me go through everything room by room.   I am not sure I could have done it alone, they felt like family.   So happy with their work and professionalism, I am sure that is why the sold so much.  It is obvious why her followers follow her.

Very Pleased and a new friend


Dec 2014

My Mom had asked that I not sell everything right away, that I wait and decide what was best for me

and my family.  It had been more than a year and we decided to have an estate sale, our attorney gave me Teresa’s name and number.   I called her and her and the team came in and helped me pack what I wanted to keep and move larger items to one bedroom which was locked during the sale.  My mom was quite a collector and she published ads and sent out flyers.   The sale was a success!   Only thing left was a few books and a sofa which she helped me donate to a local charity.


Jan 2015

Worst time of my life, sick broke and house was going through foreclosure.   The team came in and made a mess into a presentable sale.  It wasn’t easy and I didn’t make it easy but all said and done I had enough money to find another place to live and they tolerated me and that is a Big Deal!

Thank you,

Feb 2015

Teresa and her team came in and helped me quickly sell the content of my mother’s home while we moved her in with us out of state.   She had the sale set-up and ready in 1 week.  The house was so well presented after being cleaned for the sale that it sold in less than a week.   Maybe she should be in reality…..



Feb 2015

My realtor gave me Teresa’s name and said she could work miracles and miracles she did.  What a pleasant experience and so happy that she works with the realtors.  One stop shop.



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