Sales Tax

Why do we collect Sales Tax?

Under Florida Administrative Code # 12a-1.037

Summary of below Code:

  1. Is have you had 2 or less personal sales this calendar year?
    1. If yes, move on. If you have then you must file for a resale license.
  2. Did you and pay sales tax on the item(s) being sold?
    1. Documentation of sales tax paid? Probably not….  But if you do then
    2. Sale your items and report all sales to the County Tax Clerk before the 22nd day of the 1st month following the close of the calendar qtr.
  3. This does not mean that at garage or private sales you need to collect sales tax, it means you must report the sales as a private seller.
    1. Estate companies are business and not private sellers. (like thrift stores selling used items, as a business they must collect and report sales tax)

This is why you need an Estate Sale Company who collects and process’ sales tax for your sale!  Estate Liquidator is a company you hire to conduct report and close your sale.

If you have questions you can always call the State Tax Collector  at 850-617-8346

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