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     After nearly 40 years in the Global World of Electronic Distribution, I had an opportunity to retire early.  Not ever wanting to miss out, I did some volunteer work and dabbled in my hobby of sewing, crafts and refinishing furniture.    This brought me out treasure hunting as I call it and to many estate sales.  I worked with a woman who owned an estate sale company and learned a lot from her and a lot of things that could be improved in the whole estate sale services as a package for both client and customer.

My sons and I started “Moving Out, LLC” offering a cleaning service after the estate sale was over, trading remaining items for the service where ever possible.   We quickly found out that estate sale companies will sell items pennies on the priced dollar to move it.   This may be good for the buyers and dealers, but necessarily for the client and defiantly not for the person cleaning out the sale and most likely why it is so hard to find someone to do the clean-out.  We still have this service and offer it to other estate sale companies, bank and realtors.  We provide clean-out service to our clients as part of our package as Estate Liquidator, LLC.

 We established Estate Liquidator, LLC in 2013, offering a higher level of service and options for clients that we believed was being offered by others.  We took everything we liked and disliked from all the estate sales we had worked or been to and came up with our Motto and business practices.