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A family owned business serving Central Florida and bringing you relief when it comes to selling contents or  just removing unwanted contents from the home.  We take over after your estate or garage sale, preparing the home for the next step.  We are a full service Estate Sale, buying and clean out provider, leaving nothing behind but a clean home.

Licensed and Insured

Always ask if the companies you are interviewing are licensed and insured.  Your homeowner insurance will always be the first place any claims will go through but not everything is covered by you homeowners.  Estate Sale insurance is held by the estate sale company to cover those items that are not covered by your insurance and relatively inexpensive to the estate sale company.   To obtain insurance they must be licensed with the state, which is a simple registration of name and Sales Tax.  It doesn’t take much to obtain both so if they are not question it and beware.  Do you really want someone who has not registered their company with the state as simple as it is handling your sale?

Certificate # 15-801-16229549-6  Business # 4105495
Life brings us many challenges, but some can be overwhelming. Let us help you with this one. We can do it all, as we have connections for the complete process, including estate sales services, staging auctions, and complete clean-outs. Leave it to us and we will leave you a clean home.

~Our Company our Philosophy~

 After nearly 40 years in the Global World of Electronic Distribution, I had an opportunity to retire early.  Not ever wanting to miss out, I did some volunteer work and dabbled in my hobby of sewing, crafts and refinishing furniture.    This brought me out treasure hunting as I call it and to many estate sales.  I worked with a woman who owned an estate sale company and learned a lot from her and a lot of things that could be improved in the whole estate sale services as a package for both client and customer.

My sons and I started “Moving Out, LLC” offering a cleaning service after the estate sale was over, trading remaining items for the service where ever possible.   We quickly found out that estate sale companies will sell items pennies on the priced dollar to move it.   This may be good for the buyers and dealers, but necessarily for the client and defiantly not for the person cleaning out the sale and most likely why it is so hard to find someone to do the clean-out.  We still have this service and offer it to other estate sale companies, bank and realtors.
~We provide clean-out service to our clients as part of our package as Estate Liquidator, LLC.~

We established Estate Liquidator, LLC in 2013, offering a higher level of service and options for clients that we believed was being offered by others.  We took everything we liked and disliked from all the estate sales we had worked or been to and came up with our Motto and business practices.

~Our Motto: Leave it to us and we will leave you a clean home~

My youngest son Jeremy and I also have 2 antique and collectable stores.  We do not stock our stores with item from our estate sales as this would be a conflict of business.  We do however buy from other estate sales, auctions, garage sales, craigslist and such.  We refinish or paint 99% of the items we buy and then resale them through one of the stores:

Estate Liquidator at Renninger’s Flea and Fresh Market in Melbourne off I-95 and Eau Gallie Row E:

And Personalities of the Past located at 823 N. Cocoa Blvd, Suite B, Cocoa FL 32922

We believe that the Estate Sale Companies that have been in business and are still in business are honest and hardworking people and we know and help each other out.  It is a close knit community and we enjoy that network.   You should always talk to more than one company, as each approach the sale a little different.  You are the client and you should be comfortable with who you choose and which ones offer services that you need.   Always ask if they are insured, accidents and theft will always go under the homeowner insurance first but Estate Sale Insurance will help cover anything that your insurance will not cover such as lawsuits.


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